Waste Oil Collection Any quantity from 5 gallons upwards

    Fuel Oil Fuel Oil supplied
Oil Spillage 24 hour emergency call out remediation work. Spillage containment materials.    
    Brake Fluid, Engine Coolant, Grease Safe on site storage can be provided prior to collection and removal.
Batteries All types and sizes collected and disposed of.    
    Confidentail Waste Removal and destruction. Certificate of disposal provided.
Tyres Can be collected along with other garage waste.    
    Transformers Emptied and oil removed. PCB testing arranged.
Removal Of Used Oil Filters Containers provided for on-site storage to await our collection    
    Tank Cleaning On site surveys and evaluation of Health, Safety and Environmental implementation. Gas Testing on completion of work if required. Septic Tanks emptied and cleaned. Redundant drums and storage containers removed.

Removal and Disposal of Contaminated Water, Bunds, Interceptors, Water Soluble Oil, Etc