Above all else, when it comes to the disposing of your oily waste it is important for you to choose a professional partner to help you. All businesses produce waste material but it is the responsibility of the polluter to dispose of waste matter in a proper and controlled manner.

The choice of the right partner to remove your waste products will ensure that you eliminate the RISK of pollution to the environment or endanger the health of staff and the community at large. It is good business practise to have arrangements in place for waste management as fines and penalties can be substantial for pollution offences.

Just consider the costs of some recent cases;- Oil pollution recently cost Northern Electric £5,000; a Dairy Group had to pay out £6,600; and an Oil spillage led to an HMIP Notice for a Merseyside firm.

Rotherham Waste Oil is a family business that has been established since 1982, we are a transfer station and hold a Waste Carriers Registration. Our experience and friendly approach ensures our service provides that little extra effort to fulfil all your waste disposal needs.